Model for training tabular/structured data

Learner for tabular data


tabular_learner(data:DataBunch, layers:Collection[int], emb_szs:Dict[str, int]=None, metrics=None, ps:Collection[float]=None, emb_drop:float=0.0, y_range:OptRange=None, use_bn:bool=True, **learn_kwargs)

No tests found for tabular_learner. To contribute a test please refer to this guide and this discussion.

Get a Learner using data, with metrics, including a TabularModel created using the remaining params.

You can customize the automatic embeddings sizes picked by the library by passing a dictionary emb_szs to match categorical variable names with an embedding size. emb_drop, ps. y_range and use_bn are passed to TabularModel, the kwargs are passed to Learner. See tabular for an example of use.